About us

On February 28th 1944, Kinki Advertising Co., Ltd was formally established, and later on November 1st 1960, it officially renamed Daiko Advertising Inc. Daiko has 2 headquarters in Tokyo and Osaka, 6 local office as well as 17 member companies in Japan and around the World. Follow our of global development policy focus in the Asia market, we have now created a big subsidiaries network in China, Taiwan, India, Indonesia and of course Daiko Vietnam.

As the market environment undergoes massive changes in the 21st century, methods of communication become increasingly important. Our core belief is that “Ideas” are the bridges between a brand and its consumers. Daiko’s mission is to generate communications that create corporate and brand value by speaking directly to the hearts and minds of consumers.

DAKIO Vietnam is a subsidiary of DAIKO Japan

January 6, 1998: Established as a representative office

January 25, 2006: Established as a foreign company 100% owned by Daiko

March 20, 2007: Opened Hanoi branch office

DAIKO is a global full-service advertising agency, ranked 4th in Japan (as of 2010). As one of Japan’s oldest agencies, with an illustrious more than 110 years history, DAIKO has built up many long-term relationships with its clients as marketing solutions partners.

Our vision is summed up in the phrase Ideas Win. We provide wide-ranging solutions that allow our clients and their brands to communicate directly with consumers building both client success and consumer satisfaction.

Another reason to partner with DAIKO is our networks that both covers and extends to the entire world. In Japan, we have 31 branches or associated companies in 19 cities enabling us to provide truly “local” support to meet all our clients’ need. In addition, in 2000, we have entered into a business partnership with The I